Gurutzpe A-1000/3 CNC


TOS Hostivar BUC 63B

Milling machines



Robbi SET 300 YUM

Boring machines

Geminis GE-1200 E

Dynamic Balancers

Balanced pieces until Ø 2.500mm in length and 1m up to 2.000kg
Mechanization of Parts

MICRA have one of the most comprehensive facilities for the manufacture and repair of all types of parts.

Our equipment includes:

  Axes grinders Lathes
  Universal grinders Millings
  Internal grinders Vertical borings
  Vertical polishers Universal borings
  Horizontal polishers Dynamic Balancers
  Surface grinders Lapping machines
  Various types of welding Tappers

We also can do works under samples or designs.

Types of works
  Grinding pieces  

External grinding up to 6m. in length.

Internal grinding until Ø 500mm. and 400mm. in length.

Cabinets bombs.

  Repair of cylinders  

Repair of hydraulic cylinders with super-finishing and Ø 420mm. with lengths of 5m. as well as precision cylinder with wall thickness of very thin (1.5 mm.).

Includes internal polishing, changing the mounting kit, chromed and grinding of piston rods, assembling and testing up to 500 bars.

  Flat polishing  
  Flat pieces to mirror surface.

Internal cylinders until Ø 420mm. and 6m. long, weighing up to 2,000 kg.

Mechanical seals.

Roll up to 6m in length.


Recovery with special deposition by welding - TIG, MIG, plasma transferred, brass, stainless steel and cast - using systems developed by us in the technique of recharge.

Internal and external welding, axes and pieces in general.

  Manufacture and recovery of axes  
  Manufacture and recovery of axes with lengths up to 10m. and all kinds of hydraulic cylinders for all types of machinery, presses, machinery for public works, mining, wind farms, electricity, nuclear and water desalination.  

Parts machining in CNC and conventional with up to 3m. for repair and construction.

Universal boring until Ø 350mm.

  Surface grinding  
  Surface grinding up to 3.5 m. length with a width of 1.200mm and up to a weight of 2.000Kg  
  Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders  


Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders with super-finishing and internal Ø 340mm up to lengths of 5m. Surface polishing includes internal mounting kit, plating and grinding of piston rods, assembly and testing up to 500 bars.  
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