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Micra is a repairing company. For over 80 years, we have moved from the repair of motor vehicles and transportation in general, until the recovery of pieces of machinery for public works, and nuclear power plant and equipment assets in general.

Today we are dedicated to a wide variety of repairs to machine parts. Our areas of work include general machining, manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, grinding engines and coatings for hard chrome.

The collaboration with major national and international companies and research organizations of the state, in addition to consolidated long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, has made us a firm of recognized standing and proven professionalism.


In the same way that we believe in impeccable service and high quality products, our responsibility to be respectful to the environment.

Although industrial mechanization and chrome plating are known as dirty industries, Micra has afford a difficult and costly process to guarantee this commitment to protect the environment.

That is why it is "natural" that we are ISO 14001 certified.

Hard Chrome Engine Repairs Mechanization
The coating with hard chrome is used to increase the wear resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. Also we use it in regrowth of large thickness.   New cylinder boring machine for the recovery of industrial motors up to 20 cylinders. With it, we maintain our leadership in the grinding of engines, with the largest machine park in the center of the Spanish peninsula.   We offer a complete range of machines for a variety of machining, including grinding, lapped, planned, balanced, welding, boring and surcharges.
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