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The origin of MICRA Group dates from 1928 in Madrid city It was originally conceived as a mechanical and repairing car engines workshop.

The importance of a well done job, the quality and professionalism were and still are values shared by the majority of workers at all levels.

In 1963 Micra abandons direct repair of cars, focusing only on grinding engines. Unlike mechanical, grinders receive the engine parts disassembled and repair using special machines for those susceptible to settle. Usually repairs are focused on the engine block and parts attached.

In 1967 Micra moved to a new facility at Méndez Alvaro street, in Madrid. In 1974 adopted the legal form of joint stock company under the name Micra SA

Given the lack of space in the facilities of Madrid due to the expansion of activity, in 1975 a new facility is bought in Arganda del Rey. In the years 1976 and 1985 two other adjacent buildings are bought.

In 1986 Micra had substantially altered the type of services provided, adding to the classic grinding of engines, manufacture and repairing of hydraulic cylinders and the work of precision engineering.

The reflection of this evolution in the quality and accuracy achieved was reflected in the cooperation that at the beginning of the 80's happened with the Spanish Air Force to manufacture the combustion chamber of the Teruel rocket and that years later would continue with the study and preparation of the combustion chambers of the Capricorn rocket with INTA.

In 1986 hard chrome facilities are built. The link with the activities of other workshops extends to all areas of the company, from the repairing of hydraulic cylinders until grinding crankshafts, passing by very different types of repairs that combine plating and grinding.

In 1992, Micra began with the manufacture of hard chrome plated bar starting  from ground bar. In 1993 the continuous plating machine is built. This is a continuous and automated process for plating. Its success is based on allowing larger scale manufacturing, superior quality and totally respectful to the environment. Today there are few companies in the world to have it and Micra is one of them, including its patented process.

With the goal of providing legal representation to the new activity, in 1995 Micracró S.A. is born, with head office in a building adjacent to the main Micra headquarter. This company will focus in selling hard chrome plated bar and honed tube.

In September 2000, the company obtained ISO:9001 Quality Certification by Germanischer Lloyd.

In 2007 Micra obtained ISO:14001 Environmental Certification, being a pioneer company with this type of certification in the Spanish hard chromium plating market.


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Micra, S.A. is ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 certified




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