Hard Chrome Plating  

MICRA have the largest facilities in the center of Spain dedicated to the metallic coating electrolytic with hard chrome.

We cover from small pieces up to 6 meters lengths and 2,500 kilos of weight.

Due to its characteristics, it is applied in wide range of sectors: water, air, food, general mechanics, automotive, textile, molds, aerospace, ceramics, graphic arts and more.

The deposition can be applied to internal and / or external parts and the thickness can vary depending on needs from millimeters to microns.

Applications and Features
Recharge and reduced clearances
Increased resistance to wear, larger than the enriched steels, resistance to abrasive materials and erosion of fluids
Increasing the hardness (65 HRC or 900 - 1000 Vickers)
Decrease in the friction, even for the parts that rub on a chromed surface
Compatibility with high temperatures. The chrome does not suffer oxidation up to 800 º C
Corrosion resistance, repulsion to dirt and jamming

Advantages of the contribution of Hard Chromium
As a direct deposition will get very good adhesion to the metal base and to take place in "cold" conditions, below 60 º C, it's excluded the deformations and retains the characteristics of the metal base
The coating is limited to wanted parts. The non-chrome part is protected
Recovery and renewal of worn parts at a moderate cost, lower than the manufacture of new piece
The deposition of hard chrome allows easy mechanization through the grinding,
which lets you adjust the pieces to the desired tolerances

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